BTS On “Evicted!- A Fashion Film”


This personal project actually came about after shooting my previous fashion film, “culture.street.runway” in Feb 2013. I met Christina McCasty (AKA Tina) through her then roommate and model, Sabrina Lorena, who brought her in as a last minute replacement and she saved our butts by adding to the feature model segments in a major way.

Evicted poster image



Starting the B&W shading process. Half done on paper, half done digitally. Get the tones setup first, then refined details later.

DEAD END.a fashion film

A behind the scenes look at the latest fashion film personal project, inspired by film noir and pure, unadulterated sexiness!

Dead End- a fashion film



I haven’t been the best host, but some major updates are to come. Stick with me, I promise!

Oct 20, 2011
New York Comicon (how I miss thee…)

I’m madly missing Comicon now. It’s been over a decade since I’ve attended a comic expo and from what I remember, it wasn’t nearly this huge. It’s a long way from the smaller Big Apple Comic Cons that I was used to.

It’s a good thing I brought my gear with me to also turn this fun experience into a shoot. I wanted people to really feel and understand what the Geek culture really means. No longer is it a bad word, or a derogatory name for fellow enthusiasts. Instead now, it’s a word that holds power and great pride.

Filmed in the same manner as the MTA Going Your Way commercial, I stuck with shooting exclusively in LogC. I think the results were awesome and I’m very proud of this ad spot.

The way this was colored is in the standard RGB curves manner. Once in awhile I may use Color Finesse to add more vibrancy to the image. But, for the most part, I stick with simple tools- Luma Curve and RGB Curves.

Hope you guys like it and do leave feedback too.

Oct 11, 2011
Pro Wrestling and Metro North

A good friend of mine, Oleg Savitsky called me up recently to head over to his gym for a shoot. While I’ve visited several times before, this experience was different. An old friend of his, Vladimir Kozlov was heading over for training in grappling and some padwork drills. If any of you guys are familiar with him, Vladimir is of WWE fame, but he’s also been a Sambo champion for awhile now. So this realm isn’t foreign to him one bit.

I shot a short bit on him, making friends with his manager and making Oleg a happy camper all in the process. From the looks of it, more may come of this in the future, so after my eventual calling him tonight, I’d definitely like to work with Vlad again.

Like the MTA spec, I shot this entirely in LOG-C (Cinestyle) and the color grading results came out gorgeous. Probably some of the best I’ve done. I’ll say it again, there really isn’t a reason to shoot in any other manner for me right now. Regardless of the camera, I will forever need the LOG profile for the sensor.

You can check out the completed MTA spec commercial in the PRODUCTIONS section now.
Hope you guys enjoy it and leave feedback when you can. I’m open to all queries.

Oct 1, 2011  

MTA and My Experience With Log-C

I’m never shooting outside of logarithmic setup again. Never. Okay, maybe not never- there may be clients who need footage as-is and not meant for post work to the fullest extent. So I was wrong with a previous argument I had with someone last week. More on that later. As per the advice of several ASC and Local 600 members, I’ve started working on several spec commercials. One in production, and 2 in the pre-planning phases. I want to begin flexing my muscle as an artist in a more dynamic sense that goes beyond what I’ve been working on up until this point. And since many cinematographers regularly work on commercials and music videos before (or during) features, I’m getting started.

Cinestyle Log-C raw image

…and graded. Even w/ the Canon h.264 limits, it’s incredibly flexible to work with.

Coney Island is planned for tomorrow morning’s shoot, so I’m crossing my fingers that I don’t get yet ANOTHER overcast weather situation. This whole week has been hit or miss with the rain and there’s only so much I can change in post. But, so far so good.

10 thoughts on “KahL.BLOG

  1. Slava SPb says:

    Hey Kahl.
    Thank you for video from press-conference M1-Selection.
    Could you upload somewhere full version of this video (including all russian words) specially for Fedor’s russian fans.

  2. Patrick says:

    Hi Kahl!

    I’m rooting for you 100% – me and a friend are starting out, making small spec comercials and writing on two shorts.
    Would love to hear more from you about what works and doesn’t with regards to getting traction in this competitive business!

    Best regards
    Patrick from Sweden

  3. Dustin says:

    Yo man mad props on the color grading. Would you happened to have the exact color correction you did for that shot up of the Comic Con? The grading is soooooo sick! Also any tutorials by chance? Thanks ! 🙂 It won’t let me register by the way 😕

    • kahleem says:

      I usually change it up from project to project and even clip to clip really. But for the most part, I stick to using RGB curves and then micro-adjust each curve according to which color I want in every portion of the image.
      As far as tracking is concerned, I may pick a specific point that I want a null object to “stick” to and keep moving it along frame by frame. That is of course if the auto tracking selection doesn’t do this from jump.

      • Dustin says:

        Gotcha, and that is considered manually tracking correct? Is there a tutorial on that? I’ve found out how do tracking just yesterday and it seems pretty easy but more interested in manually tracking since tracking doesn’t always do the job lol. 😛

      • kahleem says:

        Yup, pretty much- that’s as manual as I know of. I don’t know of any specific tutorials, but I’ve seen quite a few on YT. It’s essentially the same as auto-tracking. Just instead of having the software clip onto a tracking point, you simply move the reticule onto the point you want frame by frame.

  4. Dustin says:

    Gotcha(kind’ve) haha. What I normally do I create a null object place the tracking square into the contrast area then apply tracking motion. Not too sure how to manually move the the square to make it do that. Sorry bout the ??’s haha, I just know that’d be alot easier than auto tracking for my shots xD.

  5. Patrick says:

    Hi, Kahl! How did your spec commercials come out? Do you see yourself trying to get signed by an agent or some form of representative? Do you have any other career tips based on your own journey so far!
    The only tip I have to share myself is – make sure you can make even weak picture/story ideas come out looking good.

    Patrick from Sweden

    • kahleem says:

      So far so good, really. I think agency recognition is a strong goal, but it shouldn’t be the ultimate one. Agencies are one of the many platforms to boost your career forward however.

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