Art inspires art, right? Or so I’m told.

I’ve recently become inspired by minimalism, as in minimalism in lighting, in framing approach and in lens choices. More specifically, certain films have inspired me to go back to the basics: Ida, and of course Andrei Tarkovsky’s Nostalgia, both of which share the photo-frame characteristics. Both of which inspired me for…

UNFORGETTABLE- Homeboy Sandman (COLOR TIFF).00_02_51_15.Still005


After hours of staring at these films with the subtitles off, I came to the conclusion that this was a style I wanted to lend back to Hip Hop. My vision was how it was back in the Golden Age of Hip Hop- experimentation and lots and lots of artistic risks.

Our awesome-ass writer, artist and Hip Hop artist, Angel Del Villar– or as we know him on this stage, Homeboy Sandman– totally was down for this artistic expression for the video. He was already going off the beaten path by choosing a recent music video for an older song from an older album, “Unforgettable“. A non-linear approach to a very linear industry. It was all good then.

UNFORGETTABLE- Homeboy Sandman (COLOR TIFF).00_00_22_21.Still001


…was the order of the day. I wanted lines and shadows to define the story on screen and shoot everything as if it were a still photograph. Totally inspired by these films, I wanted to go all the way with this look. Maybe 4:3 squared look next time though.

All of the shots were daylight centric and more so, window-centric- which fed into the “lines” idea.

UNFORGETTABLE- Homeboy Sandman (COLOR TIFF).00_00_58_18.Still003

UNFORGETTABLE- Homeboy Sandman (COLOR TIFF).00_02_40_06.Still004 UNFORGETTABLE- Homeboy Sandman (COLOR TIFF).00_00_46_03.Still002 UNFORGETTABLE- Homeboy Sandman (COLOR TIFF).00_03_32_16.Still006


If you’re a control freak like me, you may always need to be doing something, adjusting something, making the image breathe or sumthin’. So for this look, omitting that entirely was a bit odd at first, but gave the image the look that I wanted.

But enough talk. ENJOY!

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