my experience.JAY MANUEL BEAUTY at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week F/W ‘15/’16 

Joining the Jay Manuel Beauty Team (w/ Jay Manuel himself being on site), I was brought back into the hectic and beautiful tents of Lincoln Center in New York City. This time around I witnessed the work of Bibhu Mohapatra walking down the runway and his host of gorgeous models.

JAY MANUEL-MBNY Fashion Week (COLOR WORKS TIFF).00_00_48_12.Still008JAY MANUEL-MBNY Fashion Week (COLOR WORKS TIFF).00_00_50_00.Still009JAY MANUEL-MBNY Fashion Week (COLOR WORKS TIFF).00_01_23_09.Still013

Totally shot documentary style, I wanted to express the insanity and beauty of the entire ordeal from start to finish. The whole of Lincoln Center was a whirlwind of high pressure and art, a really difficult spot to be in but an amazing one just the same. For some reason I’m a glutton for punishment; just in love with these types of environments. It’s like going to art school and learning to produce all in real time. I can only wonder how others who don’t enjoy this deal with the pressure, but if you come back each and every season, you’re undeniably a bit of a lovely masochist. I think all artists are in some way.

The tools of the trade were the same as before: my trusty Magic Lantern powered Canon 50D (recording 14bit DNG RAW files, then transcoded to 10bit DNxHD files for a final 16bit DPX output) for primary shots and the ML-powered 60D for slow-mo footage.

Lastly, this is the first major piece where I’ve wanted to use Hip Hop- all to show that real Hip Hop indeed can be and should be placed alongside high art. You can find the entire track from DJ Premier, Nas and the Berklee Symphony Orchestra here!

Enjoy and leave some feedback.


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