Thiago The Pitbull and a love affair with Coconut Creek


3 years ago I was granted the opportunity to film one of MMA’s finest superstars in Thiago “The Pitbull” Alves, who was at the time considered to be one of the top 10 most dangerous competitors in his weight class (170lb welterweight).   Years later, Thiago has suffered 4 different surgeries: one for each pectoral muscle and 2 on his other appendages. Consider that most fighters don’t come back from major surgeries, let alone FOUR. And, it probably didn’t help much that we haven’t heard from Thiago in the ring for two years straight. Thiago stretching   EVOLUTION

Flash forward to today, I’ve wanted to revise my original video for a long while now and wanted to do this with Pitbull’s kick back into the MMA spotlight in a major way. Thiago smiling   So here we are, in Thiago The Pitbull. A short film that delves into his psyche a lil’ bit and takes us into one of my favorite (okay, maybe my absolute favorite) MMA team and gym, American Top Team, located in Florida. Since I needed a vacation from NYC’s schizophrenic weather conditions, heading to Coconut Creek was a God-send. Thiago about to kick   Mike Dolce was also over at ATT for Thiago’s training camp to keep his meals and scheduling in check. Other than filming both of them, we were able to just simply hang out, which I picked up alotta’ pointers on what types of cooking utensils to use, all the way to watching Mike setup the meal piece by piece. Most guys suffer themselves steadily throughout the last week to cut weight, but Dolce had Thiago eating regularly 6-times per day. Did it work? Well, Thiago came into the event weighing 171lbs, 1lb over the weight limit of the class itself. That’s some proof for ya’! Thiago group photo Hosted by the great guys at SB Nation/Vox Media, this baby is a 15-minute short film, but you can also check it out in smaller 3-Chapter chunks. Just in case y’know, if you’re too busy and need your violent inspiration in bite sizes.   Enjoy and leave me some feedback, whether you love it or wish for me to kick rocks bare footed 🙂

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