Three years ago, Maksim Gelman arrives in the Subway with knife in hand, caked with blood, ready to continue the trail he’s begun with a woman he’s stalked a day earlier. This time around he meets up with Joseph Lozito, a hardworking man with a strong love of combat sports, now headed to work in a botched up weekend commute toward the West Side of the City.

What ensues is a story suited for most Hollywood films: Gelman screaming, “You’re gonna die!” attacks Joe with his knife viciously, ripping open his face. Instead of sitting as a victim, Joe takes his life into his own hands, wrestles Gelman to the Subway car floor and apprehends him until the police arrive. Seconds later, Joe sits down and continues to bleed profusely on the floor, slipping closer to death, while nearby officers simply watch and provide little assistance to help this local hero recover.

Three years later, with physical scars healed, Joseph continues his battle but with the New York City Police Dept itself. Destined to leave him in the cold without any support whatsoever, he now struggles with legal battles with the authorities who stood by needlessly as a mass murderer went mad in mass transit.

This is a preview from the upcoming film where Joe sits down with me once again and shares what’s been happening since that day, the embrace he’s received from the combat sports community and the continuing struggle with the City’s authorities in their effort to dismiss his efforts in stopping a maddened killer on the loose.


To see the original piece I’ve done with Joe 3 years ago, check out the video below:

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