Beauty Insanity @ Intl Beauty Show

While it wasn’t New York Fashion Week, there was a great amount of beauty in the air. Farouk Systems (you may know them from my previous work for Biosilk at the DVF 2013 show) invited me down once again for the International Beauty Show, held at the Jacob Javits Center.

The Farouk Systems team put on a crazy show on stage, getting the crowd interactive and hyped, pulling people up for hair demonstrations and having a great time with pumping music! I worked as a documentary still photographer as a change of pace, capturing as many grand and intimate moments to tell the story of the event.IntlBeautyShow.001IntlBeautyShow.002IntlBeautyShow.003IntlBeautyShow.004IntlBeautyShow.005IntlBeautyShow.006IntlBeautyShow.007IntlBeautyShow.008IntlBeautyShow.009IntlBeautyShow.010IntlBeautyShow.011IntlBeautyShow.012IntlBeautyShow.013IntlBeautyShow.014IntlBeautyShow.015IntlBeautyShow.016IntlBeautyShow.017IntlBeautyShow.018IntlBeautyShow.019IntlBeautyShow.020IntlBeautyShow.021IntlBeautyShow.022IntlBeautyShow.023IntlBeautyShow.024IntlBeautyShow.025IntlBeautyShow.026IntlBeautyShow.027IntlBeautyShow.036IntlBeautyShow.028IntlBeautyShow.029IntlBeautyShow.030IntlBeautyShow.031IntlBeautyShow.032IntlBeautyShow.033IntlBeautyShow.035IntlBeautyShow.034

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