These photographs of mine are from the aftermath of the explosion that was held in New York City’s East Harlem area on 116st and Park Ave. Before running out of the door, it was reported that 11 people were minorly injured with 1 additional fatality. I have not been updated since heading out.

NOTE: by the time I arrived, police have barricaded all entries to E. 116st. These were taken before news photographers arrived on the scene (whom were also barricaded from entry).

IMG_0003 IMG_0004 IMG_0007 IMG_0016 IMG_0020 IMG_0025 IMG_0030 IMG_0033 IMG_0037 IMG_0040 IMG_0042 IMG_0051 IMG_0059 IMG_0062 IMG_0064 IMG_0069 IMG_0070 IMG_0081 IMG_0088 IMG_0090 IMG_0095 IMG_0097 IMG_0102 IMG_0108 IMG_0110 IMG_0120 IMG_0123 IMG_0125 IMG_0143 IMG_0144 IMG_0149 IMG_0155 IMG_0179 IMG_0194 IMG_0201 IMG_0205 IMG_0212 IMG_0221 IMG_0223 IMG_0224 IMG_0230 IMG_0235 IMG_0237 IMG_0246 IMG_0249 IMG_0257 IMG_0269 IMG_0273 IMG_0276 IMG_0279 IMG_0287 IMG_0289 IMG_0298 IMG_0301 IMG_0307 IMG_0313 IMG_0314 IMG_0323 IMG_0328 IMG_0338 IMG_0343 IMG_0350 IMG_0357 IMG_0365 IMG_0366 IMG_0371 IMG_0372 IMG_0377

UPDATE: Police have completely barricaded the entire 116st area, making access for all photojournalism next to impossible. Here is what the situation looks like as of now…

IMG_0006-2 IMG_0008-2 IMG_0012-2 IMG_0017-2 IMG_0020-2 IMG_0023-2 IMG_0025-2 IMG_0029-2 IMG_0032-2 IMG_0036-2 IMG_0040-2 IMG_0049-2 IMG_0052-2 IMG_0058-2 IMG_0068-2 IMG_0072-2 IMG_0074-2 IMG_0084-2

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