Sultry Slow Burn For A Jazz Trio’s Upcoming Album

Opening Shot


This marks the very first time I’ve been able to fully create a promotional piece for a band entirely centered on Jazz. Roy Assaf had approached me months ago about this piece back when I first began working with Producer, Monique Witt on a previous project, “Split Screen”. So this was something I’ve been waiting to put together for a good while now.


Roy had given me some ideas about what type of feel he wanted for the promo. He had seen a previous project of mine for Madison Square Garden, “God Bless The Ring” and really loved the opening sequence, which was done at 60fps high speed for slow motion at 24fps.

So for this work, we wanted to stick to a lot of smooth transitions, slow motion work throughout and calm, subtle dollies and pans. More to the rhythm of the voiceovers and the lifestyle’ish photography.


Cheapo slider rears its head again. Don’t worry, she’ll be replaced soon enough…


Sticking to my current workflow, I went entirely RAW on this (hyuck hyuck) and stuck to my Magic Lantern powered 50D.

The lenses however were slightly different this time around.

Nikkor Q 135mm f2.8

Super Takumar 50mm 1.4

Zeiss C/Y 50mm 1.7

Nikkor AI-S 28mm 2.8

I wanted to use the two 50mm (1.6x on the 50D making them 80mm portrait lenses) for very different purposes.

The Takumar, from its aging and radioactive coating, gives a very yellow cast and a low contrast quality. It’s great for our purpose in the interiors, making the scene more warm toned and inviting which we used for the group shots over the piano.

The Zeiss 50mm (80mm) was used on the exteriors, but for a very dramatic quality, supplemented with a variable ND filter by Fotga. I maintained a steady ISO of 200, but adjusted my exposure entirely upon the vari-ND filter for every shot. This allowed me to maintain a wide aperture, without having to increase shutter speed or overexpose at all.

Portrait of Jake


Slow, methodical and beautiful. These were some of the key words used to describe the promotional during the pre-pro phases. So that takes into account the color, editing pace and even the music being used- all of which was kept in mind during the entire process, even after the gear was all packed away. It all had to be in sync and I believe it accomplishes this task.


On location, shooting in W. Harlem, Riverside Park


You can check out the Youtube link or the Vimeo one (which is usually of higher quality) and leave your thoughts below. What are some of your experiences with slower paced projects and how did you go about getting ‘em done?

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